Get yourself familiar with the rules before the season starts.

  1. Every participant must pay an entry fee of £10.00, this fee will include all transfers, so there will be no additional costs involved.

  2. Each participant in the GARBAGE GORGER sponsored FFLUK Fantasy Football League will have £125 million to spend on a team of their choosing.

  3. Each team must consist of 2 x defensive teams (one from each division) and 6 x outfield players from the list of players provided. This season additional prices will not be given on request, once the price list has been posted to the site it will not be added to, or amended, until a transfer window opens.

  4. There is no limit to the amount of players you can select from any one club.

  5. Fantasy league fixtures will be played whenever there is a full premiership fixture list scheduled (a fixture list will be provided). If some fixtures are cancelled due to international games, during FA Cup weekends, or due to acts of god (e.g. adverse weather conditions), then your result will be updated when the outstanding fixture/s are played. This will mean a full 38 game season.

  6. Each entrant will have three transfer opportunities. The first window will be opened during October, the second during December, and the final window during February (to accommodate the closing of the Premier League transfer window). These windows will give each entrant at least a 5 day window in which to make their desired changes. Please note that all transfers will only become effective once the deadline date has expired. A maximum of four changes will be permitted during these transfer opportunities. Each change will be free of charge as transfers are now included in the £10 entry fee. New price lists will be drawn up during each window of opportunity to reflect current form and this revised list will also include any significant new signings.

  7. If at any stage of the season one of your players obtains a serious injury, this will deemed to be bad luck and he will have to remain in your team until such time as he may be transferred out. However, should one of your players leave premiership football on a permanent basis (loan deals do not count), he may be swapped for an alternative player on the price list who has equal or lesser value (if you team is under £125 million in value you cannot utilise unused funds in this instance). Should you choose to swap this player for an alternative of lesser value you will not benefit from this as the player will then be valued at the same price as the player you are swapping out. Once this swap has been made it cannot be reversed under any circumstances. Please note, you will not be informed when a player has been sold, and thus liable for a free swap, so please pay attention.

  8. Should a goal be of a dubious nature, it will be awarded to the player that is confirmed as the goal scorer on the official Premier League website.

  9. The rules of play are as follows;

    Each purchase you make will correspond to the performance of the actual player/defence you have chosen during premiership games in the 2016-2017 season.

  10. i. The object of the game is for your selected outfield players to score more goals than your two defensive teams concede.
    ii. MATCH EXAMPLE: Your selected team is:

    GROUP 1 Defence: Man City
    GROUP 2 Defence: Middlesbrough
    Outfield Players: Kane, Defoe, Musa, Payet, Rhodes, Ramsey

    During one particular weekend:

    Man City draw 2-2 with Tottenham (your Group 1 defence concedes 2) 0-2
    Middlesbrough lose 2-3 to WBA (your Group 2 defence concedes 3) 0-5
    Kane scores 2 goals v Man City (your Outfield Player scores 1) 2-5
    Defoe scores 1 goal v Man Utd (your Outfield Player scores 1) 3-5
    Musa fails to score v West Ham (your Outfield Player scores 0) 3-5
    Payet fails to score v Leicester (your Outfield Player scores 0) 3-5
    Rhodes scores 1 goal v WBA (your Outfield Player scores 1) 4-5
    Ramsey scores 2 goals v Chelsea (your Outfield Player scores 2) 6-5

    In this eventuality your team would have won 6-5.

    iii Three points will be awarded for a win, one for a draw and zero for a loss

  11. It is hoped that the top 3 finishers will receive prize money.